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The Election Visualiser application has been developed by Astech, one of the UK’s leading democratic software solution providers. The Solution is securely hosted by Astech and allows users to quickly publish their election results via a simple to use administration portal.  Responsive and feature rich displays allow you to view the results unfold in real time from wherever you are. Providing a scrolling live set of results for your candidates and media at election central whilst simultaneously informing your electorate via the fully configurable web view.  A simple set-up prior to the election and then you are ready to go.

Customers using the Election Visualiser

Graphical interface with real time reporting...

Election Software helped to automate our Election Night process, the Astech team worked closely with our democratic and ICT teams to ensure the night delivered a seamless experience. The software is extremely easy to use, minimal set up required and very little training needed to get started. The software provided our Council with Election results in an organised, easy to read format using graphics that are simple to understand
Richard Barker, Head of ICT operations, Hull City Council     

How election night reporting works...


  • Full integration with CMIS or as a standalone product
  • Real time reporting of results available for your election team
  • Display multiple elections and also historical elections for comparison
  • Multiple election types – European/Parliamentary/County/District/Unitary/Mayoral
  • One click navigation with interactive maps and tracked contests
  • Media feeds and data exports that allow election administrators to provide media and community news sites with unparalleled access to results
  • Customisable web interface allowing logos, titles and election names


  • Easy to use simple and intuitive graphical interface
  • Results provided in an organised and easy to read format
  • Can be licensed for single use or annually
  • Dedicated support available
  • Seamless experience on PC, smart phone or tablet
  • Straight forward, simple setup and configuration
  • A low risk solution – trusted by some of the largest authorities in England
  • Supported by a scalable infrastructure ensuring no downtime during critical periods of peak usage
  • Improve citizen engagement and participation

The Election Visualiser streamlines the distribution of results and produces downloadable reports that increase public outreach and eliminate the reliance on staff to post election results online.

Media feeds and data exports that allow Election Administrators to provide media and community news sites with unparalleled access to results, without lifting a finger on Election Night.

The solution provides intuitive election result maps and graphics to illustrate voter turnout, totals by vote type, and results by polling place that can be accessed by the public, media and candidates.

The election details can be included in a sliding display that moves from screen to screen in a configurable order repeating indefinitely

Switch between areas to see the latest voting figures as they come in 

Candidates results are shown as the election night progresses to give a instant view of who is leading

Real time reporting using a simple and easy to follow graphical interface and colour coded images that change as the voting happens

Voting figures automatically change as voting counts are added and automatically calculates the swing

Provides election candidates and the public with reliable real-time, user-friendly, online visualisation of electoral results

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