CMISLite, making lite work of complex governance...

CMISLite is a cost-effective web-based governance and meeting management solution designed for smaller organisations, such as town and parish councils.  CMISLite provides a simple and intuitive interface allowing users the opportunity to save time and money with effortless meeting preparation.

CMISLite is designed to support smaller organisations to simplify complex governance. The solution empowers clerks and administrators to compile meeting packs within a matter of minutes rather than taking up valuable hours during the day.  

Requiring no software installation, CMISLite can be accessed from any modern web browser as well as the MyCMIS app.  Being a totally secure solution, documents and meeting information can be accessed anytime, anywhere giving a truly agile and paperless working environment.

CMISLite has helped us take the vital first steps towards ‘Digital by default’ council meetings, moving the mountains of paperwork we use online whilst providing a useful reference point for councillors to retrieve documents and saving hours of an officer’s time when creating agenda and minute documents

Ian Cooper, Shipston Town Council Deputy Mayor


  • Review Meeting Pack anytime, anywhere
  • Access updated meeting packs instantly
  • Make annotations on your device of choice
  • Schedule meetings and invite participants
  • Build the agendas with drag-and-drop
  • Circulate meeting packs and last minute changes instantly
  • Manage access levels to confidential files through permission based settings

During the Meeting

  • Navigate meeting packs easily
  • Take live minutes and notes
  • Track meeting attendees
  • Update meeting packs in real time
  • Make annotations

Post Meeting

  • Download meeting packs
  • Go over past meeting documents
  • Generate and distribute meeting minutes
  • Export agendas and minutes

Benefits of CMISLite

  • Save hours by compiling meeting packs within minutes
  • Easily download, view and annotate the latest documents
  • Full transparency – record gifts and hospitality
  • Saves time and money organising meetings
  • Easy to set up and implement
  • Easily schedule meetings and send announcements
  • Minimal training – users up and running within 30 minutes
  • MyCMIS app can be deployed and ready to use in a matter of minutes
  • Easily control access to restricted items
  • Multiple users for your organisations account – one license with no hidden costs

Core features...

Meeting management


Co-ordinate your meetings effortlessly by putting all documents you need in one place, from your meetings and agendas to committee member details.  Unlike conventional software applications that require installation CMISLite is completely web-based and requires no software installation and is simple, straight forward and easy to deploy and adopt. CMISLite takes the stress out of coordinating and collating your documents manually. Control access to restricted items and track issues by automatically linking to agenda items.

  • Issue invitations and schedule meetings easily and quickly
  • Save hours by publishing papers in a matter of minutes
  • Download, view and annotate agendas in minutes using the MyCMIS app
  • Full control over restricted items
  • Build agenda items using drag and drop
  • Distribute meeting packs and last minute changes instantly
  • Web based calendar provides a quick and easy way to see scheduled meetings
  • Update meetings and agendas in real time
  • Resource library – allows documents to be shared without them being associated to a particular meeting or committee

Members profiles


Members profiles can easily be added for each committee including election history and members interests.  Search members data quickly and easily by name or ward, include a register of interest for each member.

  • Biographies and contact details
  • Committees and meeting attendance
  • Declaration of gifts or hospitality

Cross platform paperless app… 

The MyCMIS app is designed for paperless meetings providing 24/7 secure access for committee or board members to view and annotate the latest documents with automatic download of agenda, reports and meeting minutes.

MyCMIS has been developed to allow document navigation to be quick and simple via its intuitive design and control functions and to allow the user to access documents from anywhere, on any device, with complete security.  MyCMIS is flexible, simple to use and fully interactive.  No more late nights printing and re-printing papers when agenda or actions change.  Organise your meetings right up until the last minute and prepare everything, then all you need to do is publish and share the papers online when you are ready.  MyCMIS saves time wasted from printing, photocopying and sending multiple emails, administration teams can prepare and share all meeting documents in seconds.

My CMIS App logo


  • Customisable branding to match your organisations logo and colours
  • Automatic subscription to committees
  • Remote wipe all data
  • Annotate your documents via your tablet with tools such as freehand illustrations, sticky notes, highlighter, underlining, digital signatures, direct text and strike through and erase any unwanted annotations
  • Search for key terms within a document
  • Track all annotations
  • View all scheduled and upcoming meetings
  • Time, date and venue information, all in one place


  • All necessary documents delivered to your device
  • Access to your documents 24/7, anytime, anywhere
  • Eliminate the need for printing heavy paper board packs
  • Fast document distribution
  • Resource library – allows documents to be shared without them being associated to a particular meeting or committee
  • In app voting
  • Information is available offline
  • Quick and easy to deploy – in less than 5 minutes
  • Supports ‘bring your own device’ policy

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