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CMIS is a leading web-based meeting and governance management solution that facilitates paperless meetings and can manage the entire process of a meeting’s life cycle, helping businesses of all types and sizes streamline operations and facilitate decision-making. The solution is designed to help any organisation achieve tangible cost savings and reduce the time and effort required to report and explain decisions.

Unlike conventional software applications that require installation and subsequently burden an organisation’s IT infrastructure, along with the challenges to work in a remote environment and support agile working practices, CMIS is completely web based and requires no software installation. The solution is simple, straight forward, easy to deploy and adopt and allows an organisation to adopt working from home practices and adapt to the ever changing business dynamics.

The comprehensive solution has been designed to empower meeting organisers, allowing them to streamline and automate many of the complex processes involved in committee management and helping organisations reduce the administrative burden associated with compiling multiple meeting packs. CMIS allows organisations to manage more effective and efficient meetings, delivering streamlined co-ordination of meetings and documents.  By replacing traditional methods with new technology, meeting organisers can significantly reduce costs and paper usage whilst still fulfilling their obligations to report and explain decisions.

Why choose CMIS?

  • Save time and money in organising and preparing for meetings
  • Reduce logistical expenses on meetings
  • Ensures transparency and accountability
  • Promotes good governance across the board
  • Supports paperless working and the drive for “digital by default”
  • No software installation required – CMIS is completely web-based
CMIS can be also be found on
the G-Cloud digital market place

The MyCMIS App is user friendly and simple to work with. The ability to ‘personalise’ the App and see documents for meetings you attend is particularly useful. I no longer take paper copies of agendas to meetings. I can annotate documents on the App, insert notes and highlight sections of reports on my iPad. Dudley Councillors and Officers have been using CMIS since 2004 and the product is firmly established. MyCMIS is another positive step towards reducing the paperwork involved in our meeting

Steve Griffiths, Democratic Services Manager, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

Simplifying the meeting process...


  • Review meeting pack anytime, anywhere
  • Access updated meeting packs instantly
  • Make annotations on your choice of device
  • Schedule meetings and invite participants
  • Easily build agendas via drag-and-drop
  • Circulate meeting packs and last minute changes instantly

During the Meeting

  • Navigate meeting packs easily
  • Take live minutes and notes
  • Track meeting attendees
  • Update meeting packs in real time
  • Vote on items
  • Annotate documents via the MyCMIS app

Post Meeting

  • Review meeting summary
  • Go over past meeting documents
  • Generate and distribute meeting minutes
  • Download meeting packs
  • Track actions and business decisions
  • Record and publish attendance

Designed to deliver better outcomes...

CMIS is simple, uncluttered and intuitive to navigate. The solution empowers users to easily manage agendas, annotations, documents and minutes quickly and securely.

No software installation required. Unlike conventional software applications that require installation, CMIS is completely web-based and requires no software installation and is simple, straight forward and easy to deploy and adopt. 

Robust administrative controls. Granular file and user permissions across internal and external teams, with multiple levels of access to control editing and sharing, allow administrators to effectively manage access rights and permissions to documents.

Enhance transparency and accountability. Organisations with an obligation to report decisions can do this quickly through the software’s automated workflow to track, report and explain decisions.  Member profile details including their register of interests helps ensure full transparency is met and complies with statutory requirements.  

Drive for a “digital by default” paperless working solution. The system is completely web-based and via the dedicated app, which includes offline access, organisations can help drive for both an agile and paperless working environment.

Increase productivity by using CMIS. Organisations can speed up the entire process of committee meeting management, equating to fewer hours spent on the production of document packs, therefore freeing up staff to attend to more important duties and responsibilities allowing you to allocate your resources to more value-adding initiatives.

Improve and Enhance Public engagement. Easily engage and consult with your audience via e-Petitions and subscriptions. 

Increased online security features. Using two factor authentication and single sign-on

The solution delivers

  • Meeting, committee and decision management
  • Agendas and minutes production distribution
  • Actions and report writing
  • Electronic document packs
  • Decision list, tracking, digests and call-in
  • Paperless app with in – app voting
  • Forward plans and report management
  • Web-based calendars
  • Register of Interests
  • Declarations of Interests
  • Subscribe to updates
  • Election results
  • Public consultations
  • e-Petitions
  • Document library
  • Members’ profiles
  • Single sign-on 
  • Two factor authentication

Designed to be future proof and flexible...

Continuing product development. The solution has been designed and developed to meet legislation, but also in conjunction with real users through defined user and focus groups. 

100% web based solution. CMIS is completely web-based requiring no software installation and is simple, straight forward and easy to deploy and adopt, allowing an organisation to adopt working from home practices and adapt to the ever changing business dynamics.

Scalable solution. The system is offered licence wide and is designed to scale up to meet the organisation’s requirements.

Seamless integration with your existing website. Accessibility compliant websites (both separate and internal facing) can be deployed to match your organisation’s corporate website giving a seamless experience.

3rd Party collaboration and integration. Integration with third-party solutions, including webcasting systems and social networks.

Security at the highest standard. The solution is hosted using ISO 27001 certified data centres.

Single sign-on. to access multiple applications. SSO can be used by organisations and individuals to ease the management of various usernames and passwords and eliminates future password prompts for individual applications during the same session. It enables users to remember and manage fewer passwords and usernames for each application and streamlines the process of signing on and using applications – no need to reenter passwords.

Two factor authentication. Stronger security by utilising multiple-factor authentication login, data is both safe and secure at all times.

Core features...

Meeting management

Streamline the entire meeting process – all your documents and committee member details stored on one platform.  CMIS assists with the creation, compilation and publication of all documents. This includes agendas, minutes, reports and decision notices. CMIS has an innovative agenda and minute creation tool which makes use of “drag and drop” techniques to compile your agenda and minute documents in minutes.

  • Schedule meetings and issue invitations quickly and with ease
  • Publish papers in a matter of minutes – saving you time and money
  • Granular file and user permissions giving full control over restricted items
  • Quick and easy search for agenda items
Members profiles

A comprehensive member’s database stores contact and other information such as election history, images, biography and a register of interests.  Information can be made public or retained within the organisation for administrative purposes as required.  Save, sort and search member information quickly and easily.

  • Biographies and contact details
  • Election history
  • Register of interest
  • Committees and meeting attendance
  • Declaration of gifts or hospitality
  • Record of decisions and votes
Customisable workflows

The solution is designed to streamline your administration duties and provide an instant view of the decision making process whilst ensuring transparency and accountability.  The workflow infrastructure enables a fully auditable and version controlled document creation process, which incorporates formal approval as well as informal commenting stages, approval and submission of agendas, minutes and reports for meetings. 

  • Automatically generates agendas and actions
  • Reports can be linked to meetings
  • Management information and statistics reporting
  • Reports, comments & approvals controlled & monitored by workflow engine
  • Workflow dashboards to review decision making process
Public engagement and consultation

The solution greatly enhances an organisation’s ability to consult with the public. Easily engage and consult with your audience using e-petitions and subscriptions. Easily create and publish online questionnaires to engage with the public with options to subscribe to updates.

  • Invite views from interested parties
  • Approve and publish e-petitions and display live results
  • Members of the public can submit e-petitions online
  • Options to subscribe to updates
  • Online questionnaires
  • Consultations

Cross platform paperless app…

The MyCMIS app is designed for paperless meetings providing 24/7 secure access for committee or board members to view and annotate the latest documents with automatic download of agenda, reports and meeting minutes.

MyCMIS has been developed to allow document navigation to be quick and simple via its intuitive design and control functions and to allow the user to access documents from anywhere, on any device, with complete security.  MyCMIS is flexible, simple to use and fully interactive.  No more late nights printing and re-printing papers when agenda or actions change.  Organise your meetings right up until the last minute and prepare everything, then all you need to do is publish and share the papers online when you are ready.  MyCMIS saves time wasted from printing, photocopying and sending multiple emails, administration teams can prepare and share all meeting documents in seconds.

My CMIS App logo


  • Customisable branding to match your organisations logo and colours
  • Automatic subscription to committees
  • Remote wipe all data 
  • Annotate your documents via your tablet with tools such as freehand illustrations, sticky notes, highlighter, underlining, digital signatures, direct text and strike through and erase any unwanted annotations
  • Search for key terms within a document
  • Track all annotations
  • View all scheduled and upcoming meetings
  • Time, date and venue information, all in one place


  • All necessary documents delivered to your device
  • Access to your documents 24/7. anytime, anywhere
  • Eliminate the need for printing heavy paper board packs
  • Fast document distribution
  • Resource library – allows documents to be shared without them being associated to a particular meeting or committee
  • In app voting
  • Information is available offline
  • Quick and easy to deploy – in less than 5 minutes
  • Supports ‘bring your own device’ policy

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